Course structure BBA (CBCS)

BBA (Cbcs)

  • Paper-III: Reporting and Editing for Print Media (Core) 
  • English (First Language) – 3
  • French paper-3
  • Arabic paper-3
  • Sanskrit paper-3
  • Telugu paper-3
  • Hindi paper-3
  • MIL – 3
  • a) Communication Skills
    b) Professional Skills
  • a) Personality Development – I
    b) Advanced Computers
  • a) Basic Quality Management
    b) Business Policy and Strategy
  • Human Resource Management
  • Information Technology for
  • Financial Management
  • Paper V: Advertising (Core)
  • Paper-VI: Elective (Any one
    from Paper VI (A) and Paper
    VI (B)) (GE)
    Paper-VI (A): Media and
  • Paper VI (B): Telugu
  • English (First Language) – 5
  • MIL – 5
  • Mobile Commerce
  • a) Financial Markets and Services (F)
    b) Brand Management (M)
    c) Organization Development (HR)
  • a) Analysis of Investment in Financial
    Assets (F)
    b) Retail Management (M)
    c) Performance Appraisal and Counseling
  • a) Insurance Services (F)
    b) Customer Relationship Management
    c) Compensation Management (HR)
  1. Paper-VII: Public Relations (Core)

  2. Paper- VIII: General Elective
    from any of the following.

BA – political science paper 7 political thought western and Indian political thought for degree regular 6th semester cbcs question paper 2020 osmania university

  1. Paper-VIII (A) Introduction to
    Online Journalism
  2. Paper-VIII (B): Specialized
  3. English (First Language) – 6
  4. MIL – 6
  6. Business Analytics
  7. a) Banking (F)
    b) Buyer Behaviour (M)
    c) Leadership and Change Management
  8. a) Risk Analysis And Management (F)
    b) Advertising and Sales Promotion (M)
    c) Talent and Knowledge Management
  9. a) International Finance (F)
    b) Rural Marketing (M)
    c) Employees Relations (HR)
  10. a) Insurance (F)
    b) Customer Relationship
    Management (M)
    c) Compensation Management
    d) Retail Store Operations and
    Pricing (RM)
  11. Project Report & Viva-Voce

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