Course structure (Arts)


  • Paper-III: Reporting and Editing for Print Media (Core) 
  • English (First Language) – 3
  • French paper-3
  • Arabic paper-3
  • Sanskrit paper-3
  • Telugu paper-3
  • Hindi paper-3
  • MIL – 3
  • a) Personality Development – I
    b) Advanced Computers
  • a) Basic Quality Management
    b) Business Policy and Strategy
  • Human Resource Management
  • Information Technology for
  • Financial Management
  • Paper V: Advertising (Core)
  • Paper-VI: Elective (Any one
    from Paper VI (A) and Paper
    VI (B)) (GE)
    Paper-VI (A): Media and
  • Paper VI (B): Telugu
  • English (First Language) – 5
  • MIL – 5
  • Mobile Commerce
  • a) Financial Markets and Services (F)
    b) Brand Management (M)
    c) Organization Development (HR)
  • a) Analysis of Investment in Financial
    Assets (F)
    b) Retail Management (M)
    c) Performance Appraisal and Counseling
  • a) Insurance Services (F)
    b) Customer Relationship Management
    c) Compensation Management (HR)
  • Paper-VII: Public Relations (Core)
  • Paper- VIII: General Elective
    from any of the following.
  • Paper-VIII (A) Introduction to
    Online Journalism
  • Paper-VIII (B): Specialized
  • English (First Language) – 6
  • MIL – 6
  • Business Analytics
  • a) Banking (F)
    b) Buyer Behaviour (M)
    c) Leadership and Change Management
  • a) Risk Analysis And Management (F)
    b) Advertising and Sales Promotion (M)
    c) Talent and Knowledge Management
  • a) International Finance (F)
    b) Rural Marketing (M)
    c) Employees Relations (HR)
  • Project Report & Viva-Voce

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