Accounting standards question paper pattern and evaluation process explanation for bcom regular/backlog exams CBCS osmania university 2021 

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Question paper pattern


  • Total subject marks = 80 marks for theory & 20 marks for internals.

  • Time = 2 hours for 80 marks theory exam according to new paper pattern OU 2021.

  • Question paper pattern set by OU 2021

  • Minimum pass percentage of marks = 40 marks including internals.

  • You should score 32 marks out of 80 marks to pass with a grade (E) in the theory exam.

  • 32 marks combined of  part-A and part-B

Part – A

  • Part-A consists of 20 marks each question carries 5 marks each.

  • You should answer 4 questions out of 8 questions for 5 marks each at 20 marks in total for part-A

  • Part-A will have 8 theory questions.


  • Part-B consists of 60 marks in total each question carries 15 marks each.

  • you should answer 4 questions out of 10 questions for 15 marks each at 60 marks in total in part-B.

  • Part-B will have 10 theory questions  for 15 marks each in total for 60 marks in part-B.

  • You should attempt at least 3 questions in part-B to score minimum marks if you want to clear the subject.


Accounting standards syllabus 2021 ou ourstudys

Marks allocation for each question


Part – A

  • Each question carries 5 marks each 

  • You should write 4 questions out of 8 for 5 marks each.

  • For theory, part marks are allotted on definition, headings, summary, and handwriting.

  1. Definition explanation = 1 mark.

  2. 3 Headings = 3 marks.

  3. Summary = 1 mark.

  4. Handwriting if summary excluded = 1 mark.


  • Each  question carries 15 marks each.

  • you should answer 4 questions out of 10 questions for 15 marks each at 60 marks in total in part-B.

  • For theory questions in Part-B marks are allocated based on definition, features or types, handwriting.

  1. Definition = 3 marks

  2. Types of features = 10 marks, each heading will be for 1 mark.

  3. Handwriting = 2 marks.

  • For comparison or differences between two types theory of question where marks will be allocated based on.

  1.  12 points of difference = 12 marks.

  2. 10 basis points for each difference of both types = 3 marks.

Instruction manual on how to write the exam (fundamentals) part-1

advanced accounting ourstudys
advanced accounting ourstudys
Advanced accounts 2021 osmania university ourstudys

Source :- osmania university website 

Order wise information to be filled by the students

  • once you receive your question paper and answer booklet check if all the exam details are mentioned in the question paper.

  • Hall ticket = write hall ticket number same as mentioned in your hall ticket.

  • Date of  examination = Current day on which you are writing your exam in DD/MM/YYYY format.

  • Question paper code = write paper code  mentioned under subject name in question paper which will be similar to BC-304 you can check the example code no.1 in the below question paper of booklet.

  • Name of examination = course and sub-course which you are currently studying your graduation under with CBCS title for every exam even if you are studying under semester system example:- Bcom(computers) CBCS, BBA CBCS, BA (political  science) CBCS, BSc CBCS etc.,

  • Semester/Year = semester which the subject comes under along with current year when you are writing your exam even if you are writing  backlog exam write semester with present year which you are writing the exam.

  • Medium = Common Language which you are studying under with all your subjects even 2nd language such as English, Telugu, Hindi or Urdu.

  • Subject = Full subject name which you are writing your exam.

  • Paper = Code No. above the top right corner of your question paper which contains numbers only you can check the example code no.2 in the example question paper below the answer booklet.

  • Write your signature with the date and ignore the rest of the boxes.

  • Copy and paste the same information below the column.

  • Ignore the marks slip.

  • Cross-check all your details before you start writing your main exam if you get any doubt ask your invigilator.

  • If you get to know that you had made any mistake after finishing your exam (don’t Panic) the invigilators carry the responsibility to check all your exam information details before submitting them to evaluation to make sure all your information filled with correct details if you made any mistake they will use whitener and re-write correct info in your absence.

  • You can check the remaining instructions in the third image regarding the exam.

Disclaimer:- The information may be accurate or inaccurate depending on the current exam and information format prescribed by OU please ask your invigilator to get 100% clarity on the information to be written in your exam if you think there is anything wrong or we had missed anything in the information written here you can send us your message we will make changes based on your feedback.

Instruction manual on how to write the exam (fundamentals) part-2

Part – A

  • Theory questions carry 5 marks each.

  • Write each answer for theory question in minimum half side of the page i.e., one side of the page with definition of the question, minimum 3 side headings with explanation and summary in minimum half page of full paper for 5 marks.

  • You may get maximum of 4 or 3 marks based on your content it’s better to make more effort in writing Part – B.

Part – B

  • It’s better to attempt Part – B first and save the remaining time for Part – A and extra questions from Part – A and Part- B.

  • Theory questions carry 15 marks each for 60 marks in Part – B.

  • Content(quantity) size matters more than quality in degree exams in theory questions.

  • For theory questions in Part – B write minimum 1 + 1/2 paper or 2 papers in the answer booklet for Part – B theory questions.

  • Answers for theory questions should consist Definition, side headings and summary.

  • Write definition answer with technical terms and good description explaining the answer to the examiner you can use examples.

  • Write minimum 10 side headings with 1 2 3 in orderwise to show your quantity of content to the examiner.

  • Do not rewrite same side headings after writing them before, if you are not getting enough idea on other side headings read the answer which you had already written you may get any new perspective or idea to write more points on the answer at least twist them with variety so the examiner may award base marks for the points in the answer each heading or point which will carry 1 mark.

  • Highlight headings with pencil to display neatiness on the answer you had written.

  • Explain your answer with more and more examples in different ways contradicting your previous answer which will show your knowledge depth regarding the topic you have learnt for the exam to the evaluator while correcting your paper.

  • Use examples it will increase the details and depth of your answer to a factor of 5 scale and helps you get more ideas to write even other answers.

Books recommended by osmania university and OURSTUDYS

Accounting standards SIA for 3rd year 5th semester 2020 - 2021 CBCS Osmania University

Review from ourstudys

  • Author = SIA

  • Publisher = SIA publishers

  • University = Osmania University

  • Edition = 2020 – 2021

  • Published on 1st January 2021.

  • Language = English.

  • Exchange or money written within 10 days since day of purchase

  • Previous year question papers = last 2 years

  • Model papers based on new question paper pattern with answers = 3 model papers.

  • Theory covered under osmania university syllabus.

  • Syllabus

  1. Introduction.

  2. Standards relating to financial reporting and disclosure.

  3. Standards providing guidance on financial statement items.

  4. Standards relating to business acquisitions and consolidations.

  5. Financial reporting.

  • Short questions and Long questions are covered under osmania university syllabus.

  • Definition answers with headings and examples covered for every chapter in short and long questions.

  • Above-average marks can be scored easily if answers are replicated similar to answers in the book.

  • example’s covered according to latest syllabus and question paper pattern.

  • Topics are written as questions based on question paper pattern in theory and problems.

  • list of important definitions and points has been provided in the book for quick revision before the exam.

  • Frequently asked questions and important questions at the end of the book.

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